I should try to update this thing more often. I tried to call my grandma but the damn cordless phone died before I even pushed the first button. Now I gotta let it charge. Stupid technology. Today the Simpson’s episode where George Bush Sr. moves in across the street was on. Although it was dubbed into German, it is still one of the funniest episodes.

This past week in Lüneburg were the Sülfmeister days. Now if there is at least one thing about Germans that kicks ass, it is the fact that they will party for any reason at the drop of a hat (maybe one of those hats with a feather in it). The Sülfmeister days were apparently celebrated for hundreds of years up until the 1930s. They revived it this year for the first time since then and it is supposed to become an annual event. The history of Lüneburg pretty much revolves around salt. In the middle ages salt was known here as white gold and it made Lüneburg one of the richest cities in Northern Europe. Lüneburg would export its salt to cities all over Europe. The last salt mass production facility closed in 1980 and that was the end of the Lüneburger salt. There are still smaller facilities that make small amounts, small bags of which can be bought at the tourist gift shops in Lüneburg.

But what is a Sülfmeister? I haven’t been able to get a straight answer but I think it was someone who was granted the right to make salt by the herzog or the king or something. Anyway, the Sülfmeisters had lots of sway and say in good ol’ Lüneburg.

At the festival there were all kinds of medieval craft workers and salt makers. Lots of historical costumes and such. There was log splitting and log rolling. They were also hauling these big ass salt barrels up and down the main drag. At the end they lit a big barrel on fire. I missed it but I totally wanted to see it. I don’t really know what the hell that was all about but had I seen it, I would perhaps have more to report. Alas, it was not meant to be. The irlfriendgay asway atelay and eway idday otnay akemay it in imetay. Know what I’m saying?

Enough about Lüneburg and it illustrious salty history. I updated my PHP and MySQL and will start rockin my M4d h4x0r Skill5. I’ve been meaning to get to build a database I can use at work, but I got no time. I’m always helping somebody getting their head out of their ass and getting their printer to work. I would love to build a CMS based on Typo3. It is going to require time and patience. Right now i am using Frontier, which totally sucks as far as content management systems are concerned. I feel like the content manages me actually.

Meike and I joined a health club last week. I totally didn’t want to but now I’m glad I did. After two weeks, my back pain is almost gone completely. I can bike for 40 minutes without falling over. I’m totally gettin BEEFCAKE!! Schweet.

I finally went to this thing here in Lüneburg called sonic-fiction. It is held every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month in a bar called Jekyl and Hyde. It is supposed to be experimental electronic music/drum and bass/trip-hop/dj stuff. Everyone I know who has been there says it is cool. Of course the day I go there Hans von Strudel (thats the name I gave him, not his mother) with all the cables doesn’t show up till quarter to midnight stoned out of his mind. So there’s two problems:

1. the show doesn’t really get off the ground and

2. he didn’t share his stash

so I split. I’ll check it out next week. If you’re ever in LG (that’s how cool kids write it), I recommend going to Jekyl and Hyde just once. It is always an experience. Kickertisch (what we call foosball), Billiards and blatant flaunting of controlled substances. Don’t wear a tie.