There is not much new going on here. I’ve been having a couple of hard weeks at work. I wish I could get into it here but I can’t. I’ve been putting up with way more than I have to. I’ve been pushed real close to getting up and walking out. There is a stupid little stamp in my passport called an “Aufenthaltserlaubnis” that won’t let me do it.

Hello Rock. Say, do you know my friend Hard Place?

I did go to the Handwerkerstrasse in the Aldstadt here in Lüneburg on Sat. The Altstadt (old city) is the oldest part of Lüneburg. All the buildings and houses are carefully restored and they look really good considering they are all like 600(!) years old. Anyway, they blocked off the streets and even covered up all modern street signs and lights. The local craft guilds set up traditional workshops and hawked their wares. There was local brewed beer, traditional medieval food (uh no thanks, the chunky mustard looks a little too traditional. I’ll pass), and even a witch being dragged through the streets. Fun for the whole family.

I finished the Harry Potter book. Not bad, not bad. Little bit more psychologically dark than the others. Lots of British sayings like nutter and blimey!. They even say “Damn” and “Hell”. Sweet.