Dude whatever. There is supposedly this massive heatwave gripping Europe by the giblit. I admit it is warmer than usual and it could become uncomfortable for those without AC (myself included) but this ain’t nuthin’

All I got to say is: Dallas, 105 in the shade beeyatch. It gets so hot there you can feel the heat slowly convect through your skull and then pass through the outermost membrane of your brain. The term “convection” is mainly used for non-solid objects. In this case, it is as if your skull is some sort of porous gelatinous barrier so it kind of fits. Then you feel this sort of numbing heat spread out from the center of your brain down into your medulla. I feels like your brain is kinda bubbling away inside your skull and trickling down your neck. Then if you ride the border between dehydration and delirium you see funny things. Kind of like LSD without having to take anything illegal. Or so I have read about. Thats why people freak the hell out in the summer and the number of population-thinning shootings from the top of tall structures increases. It’s the heat. But like I said, what is going on here in germany is nothing and I can handle it. So don’t worry. I’m complete control of all my faculties. Besides, I couldn’t find a high-powered sniper rifle.

There is shitty rag of a newspaper here called Bild or was it the MOPO? Doesn’t matter, both crap. Anyway one of them in a front page article called on the Chancellor, Gerhard Schr√∂der, to do something about the heat like give away ice cream and beer and have the federal government and insurance companies pay for it. Shyeah right.

Here are the blogs of two people that deal with extreme heat in the most explosive city on the planet right now:

Salam Pax: Iraqi citizen in Baghdad

Turningtables: US soldier in Baghdad