I am almost done with school. We are in crunch-time for the final project. Details are secret. No really, I had to sign a NDA and everything. What I can tell you is that I’ve gotten pretty good at programming Flash. Maybe I will update my little shooting star thing up there.

I can’t wait for it to be over though. I haven’t had a real weekend since October. I’m so tired and ready to flip out. I am so Urlaubsreif. For vacation I’d like to go to Spain or Croatia or somewhere on the fringes of Europe. I’ve lived here for over two years but I haven’t had the chance to really visit and explore Europe. I did go to Ireland with my dad and brother for a week though (Oh, my liver jumped!). That was cool. And I did go to Paris for a few days last year.

To wrap up I’d like to introduce you to two special friends of mine. Awww Yeah.