I went into the studio yesterday and I rocked. Du Kannst was pretty easy. A real Angus Young/country solo on the end of the song there. Groh, the engineer, is real nice. I got the impression he’s not into experimentation though. However, it could have been the lack of time available. On “Im Freien Fall” I recorded 4 different guitar parts. Mixing will be interesting. That is my favorite of the 2 songs. Both songs are kinda cheesy I’ll be the first to admit, but Im Freien Fall has the better hook. As soon as they are finished I’ll put them in the media section.

I need to find a second band that likes to get crazy and let loose. More rock, less pop. Richtung Sonic Youth und Yo La Tengo. I’ll have to wait until I’m done with classes at the Fachhochschule before I have time to worry about that. I also want to take an advanced German class. I feel as though I have reached a plateau with my German skillz. It’s very frustrating not being able to adequately express myself. I understand almost everything but sometimes when I open my mouth and try to speak German nothing intelligible comes out. Actually lots of people might same the same thing when I speak English.

Why hasn’t this article from the Washington Post been picked up? The US Arms Team (the ones responsible for hunting for and finding all of Saddam’s nasty illegal weapons) have given up and are going home because they can’t find anything. Holy Crap! Even I thought Saddam had some stuff and we would find it. I just didn’t think it was worth fighting a war and killing, what is the number now? over 3,000 innocent Iraqi civilians. Anyway this means that Bush and his cronies were completely full of shit and lied to the world and just went in and took over the place. What fucking assholes! I’m so ashamed of my government and what they have done. There is simply no justification for what they have done.

“The pain of war cannot exceed the woe of aftermath”- Robert Plant