Yo! Was geht’n Alter? Tag der Arbeit ohne Arbeit. Krass oder? Yesterday we went to this place called Schröders Garten to party. This is the same place we went to 2 years ago to the day went I first moved to Germany. There was a big tent with a sound sysem in it. Attached to said sound system was a bad DJ playing appropriately bad 80’s music. Earlier in the evening I was feeling ill and thought maybe I’d just go home and puke all night. I think I ate a sandwich with some bad tzaziki on it or something. Diluting my stomach with beer did the trick and I was soon after feeling like a champ.

So we danced and drank until 3am. Then we walked into the city center of Lüneburg and looked around in a few of the bars for Lothar, a former roommate who can often be found in this manner. Unsuccessful in finding him we searched for a drink only to be turned away at the Irish pub of all places. So then we walked or rather staggered over to a bar/dive called “im Pesel”. I hate that place. It’s in the small cellar of an old building. There’s no band, no strippers, the DJ sucks ass, there is no ventilation, and the restrooms seem to ooze something but they have the nerve to charge a cover to get in. On the other hand there seems to be no shortage of mullets (on men and women) and attitude. It’s just tough. The owners know it is the last place selling alcohol in town so they take advantage of that. Often though somebody opens up the backdoor and that’s usually how I get in if I absolutely need to. This time however, Dani, talked the door guy into letting us in with a discount. Anyway as soon as I get in some smacked-out junkie looking chick offered me some red pills, which I politely declined. If you are ever looking for a one night stand in Lüneburg and aren’t too picky about who you wake up next to I guess this is where to find it. So a beer and a Jäger and Cola later we split. All in all it was a fun evening.