Notes from Germany

I am an American expat living in Germany. It's a far away land on the other side of the ocean. It's interesting and often weird here. If you read this and want to comment then email me at nate(the at symbol) If you find any spelling or grammar mistakes, you can keep them.

Saturday, April 26, 2003

Who, What, Why

So I live here in Germany. Lüneburg to be exact. I moved here on April 30, 2001. Years before that, during my travels so to speak, I met a girl. She was German. We saw each other off and on for a few years and kept in touch. In early 2001, the Internet/tech/streaming company/dotcom thingy I was working for (they couldn't decide what kind of company they were either) started to implode. I got laid off a few months before the company went belly up and I split a few months later. I got to Germany, took intense German classes for 6 months (ugh!) and then found a job as webmaster for a small publishing firm near Lüneburg. I'm lucky that it all worked out so well and I know it. It is usually much more difficult for foreigners in Germany to get set up and be self-sufficient. I owe a lot to my girlfriend. She helped me out tremendously in so many ways. German bureaucracy is the worst but she helped me wade through it and get to the light at the end of the tunnel. So that's about it in a nutshell. More to come as I share my adventures.

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