Podsafe Music

Podcast it up

These tracks are podsafe. If you want to include any of these tunes in a podcast, go right ahead. The only thing I ask is to be notified about it.

In 5th With Pedal Down

.mp3 3,2MB

I created this track in 1998 when I was living in Chicago. The guitar is going through a Space Station effects pedal and the amp was covered in tin foil giving it that sick sound.


.mp3 3,8MB

A jumpy jivey little number that I first started working on in 1997. I forgot about it and finished it in 1999. Sample was from some old bootleg jazz CD I bought in Amsterdam in 1995. First assembled in SoundEdit16.


.mp3 4,5MB

I wrote this song in 1999 right after I moved from Chicago. This is the 5th reincarnation of it. This version was recorded in my apartment using ProTools with a 002r. I've tried to get a band to play it with me but I have never been satisfied with the results. I'll record it again someday.

Rough Patch

.mp3 5MB

This is the track I put together when learning to use Ableton Live. It has lyrics but my voice doesn't work for this one. If anybody wants to take stab at it, let me know. Anything is possible with the power of the Interweb.