An Apple a Day

.mov 11,5 MB (Quicktime)

I did the audio post production for this short film in 1999. This included composing the soundtrack, layering foley effects and other assorted audio sweetening. For this I used Digidesign ProTools and Avid Media Composer.

I recorded this at a German university in a small makeshift studio. When I recorded the guitars I put the amp in a small tiled room next to the studio and ran the cables down the hall. I waited until late to start recording because I didn't want to disturb any lectures that might have been going on. I didn't wait long enough though. Soon after a very angry German professor came down from the room above and started yelling at me. At the time I didn't speak German so it seemed like I was gonna get arrested for some reason. We cleared it up though.

In Fifth With Pedal Down

.mov 6.7 MB (Quicktime)

I made this short video to accompany one of my songs as a requirement for a Multimedia Management course I took. It is basically footage gathered while speeding down the Autobahn and other assorted footage I lifted from German TV shows. Done with iMovie.